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Course Area/Study Identification  

  • BE          Bible Exposition
  • CM         Communication
  • EN          English
  • HS          History
  • LS           Life Sciences
  • MA         Mathematics
  • MP         Ministry Practicum
  • MU         Music
  • PH          Philosophy
  • TH          Theology

Course Level Numbers

100        Typically a 1st Year Course

200        Typically a 2nd Year Course

300        Typically a 3rd Year Course

400        Typically a 4th Year Course

Note: In the course descriptions below, the course’s credit hours are listed in parentheses.

BE 101 - Bible Study Methods and Research Skills (3) - An overview of principles of inductive Bible study and the application of those principles. There is an emphasis on life change and spiritual growth in knowing God more deeply through His Word.  This course also includes an introduction to research writing with emphasis on the documentation.

BE 102, 103 - Old Testament Survey I, II (3, 3) - An introduction to the entire Old Testament, employing both thematic and exegetical methods. Literary structure, historical background, and parallel passages are also utilized to discover the unique and priceless lessons of each book. The first module surveys Genesis through Samuel, and the second module covers Kings through Malachi. It is strongly recommended that B102 be taken before B103.

BE 104, 105 - New Testament Survey I, II (3, 3) - An introduction to the books of the New Testament, with special emphasis on the life, teachings, and redemptive work of Christ; the founding and growth of the church; and the teachings of the epistles and Revelation. Based on the biblical text, parallel readings, projects, and lectures, the events and messages of the New Testament will be portrayed against their historical and cultural setting. The first module surveys the Gospels and Acts, while the second module is devoted to the Epistles and Revelation. It is strongly recommended that BE 104 be taken before BE 105.

BE 201 - Exposition of Genesis (3) - A systematic study of the Book of Beginnings in which problem areas are studied, introductory materials are given, the best English texts are analyzed verse-by-verse, and devotional application is made.

BE 202 - Exposition of Psalms (3) - The five major sections of this book are analyzed and interpreted for their literary features and studied for their spiritual and doctrinal contribution.

BE 203 - Exposition of Isaiah (3) - A study of the message of Isaiah, with special attention given to its historical and eschatological significance.

BE 204 - Exposition of the Life of Christ (3) - A thorough overview of the life of Jesus Christ on earth, with special attention to the developing emphases and distinctive purposes that prevailed during our Lord’s public ministry. Theological and chronological difficulties are also considered.

BE 205 - Exposition of Acts (3) - An exposition of Luke’s second volume with careful attention to the work of Jesus in the establishment of His Church through the apostolic witnesses.

BE 206 - Exposition of Romans (3) - An analysis emphasizing the great soteriological themes, including sin, justification, sanctification, and glorification, and an investigation of the practical implication of these doctrines.

BE 207 - Exposition of James (3) - An analysis emphasizing the Christian’s response to trials, wisdom, and the nature of saving faith.

BE 409 - Geography Bible Lands (3) - This course is a visual study of the Land of Israel, with emphasis on the biblical sites. It employs aerial videos of the sites and 34 hours of lectures explaining the sites. In-depth study of a biblical atlas and the geographical aspects of the life of Christ are included.

TH 101 - Christian Theology I (3) - A survey of Christian theology in the areas of God (Theology Proper), the Bible (Bibliology), and Christ (Christology).

TH 102 - Christian Theology II (3) - A survey of Christian theology in the areas of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology), angels—including Satan and Demons (Angelology), and humanity (Anthropology).

TH 103 - Christian Theology III (3) - A survey of Christian theology in the areas of sin (Hamartiology), salvation (Soteriology), the church (Ecclesiology), and last things (Eschatology).

TH 201 - Christian Worldview (3) - This course is designed to help students build a Christian worldview by learning what the Bible teaches about theology, philosophy, ethics, anthropology, science, and history. We will examine the social order that God has designed and the worldview areas of sociology, economics, law, politics, and the arts and media. We will examine these worldview areas by first understanding the biblical Christian worldview as a whole, and then by comparing it with the predominant cultural understanding, with a focus on secular humanism and postmodernism. We will study the people and ideas that have most influenced our culture.

EN 301 - English Composition (3) - Instruction and supervised practice in the techniques of effective written expression, with emphasis on analytical reading and writing of expository prose. Includes one or more researched and documented essays.

EN 302 - Introduction to Literature (3) - An introduction to literary forms: short story, novel, poetry, and drama. This course intends to foster an appreciation for the range of literature and to instruct students in close reading and analysis. Provides further instruction in expository writing through personal response to an analysis of the literature.

EN 303, 304 - English Literature I, II (3, 3) - A chronological survey of the development of English literature, with emphasis on the major writers; some attention to the parallel developments in history, language, religion, and culture. First module: Anglo-Saxon period through the Neoclassical period. Second module: Romantic period through contemporary period.

HS 301, 302 - Essentials of World History I, II (3, 3) - A broad two-module survey integrating important geographical, intellectual, cultural, social, political, and economic developments within the world’s major civilizations from earliest times to the 17th century in the first module and from the 17th century to present in the second module.

HS 303 - Essentials of United States History (3) - An examination of noteworthy political, geographical, social, cultural, and economic trends in the United States from the colonial era to the present.

HS 304 - Intertestamental History (3) - A study of the political, cultural, and geographical background of Israel from the close of the Old Testament into the New Testament, with an emphasis on the historical events as well as the philosophical and religious thought that shaped the New Testament world.

LS 401- Essentials of Biology (3) - A general survey of major concepts in biological science including ecology, diversity of life, history of life, molecular and cell biology, genetics, human biology, animal biology, botany, and contemporary issues in bioethics.

MA 401 - Elementary Statistics (3) - Topics include a survey of descriptive statistics and graphs, organization and description of data, probability, random variables, central measures, variability, hypothesis testing, estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, sampling, types of distributions, correlation and regression, and statistical applications.

MA 402 - Essentials of Financial Life (3) - This course is intended to prepare students to honor the Lord diligently and wisely in their finances. It will cover a variety of personal finance topics including banking, savings, budgeting, investing, borrowing, credit, managing debt, insurance, and giving.

MP 101-408 - Ministry Practicum (.75) - This is a series of courses to promote discipleship and the service of students in their local churches.  Students will be required to attend a local church and serve in a ministry.  Additionally, every first-year student will go through Soul Care or other approved discipleship material.  After that they will continue to be involved in discipleship.  This will be determined in conversation with their advisors. 

MU 401 - Essentials of Music and Art (3) - This course surveys the history of music and art in Western civilization from the Middle Ages to the present. The student will be introduced to the main styles and forms of the day, as well as the primary artists and composers and their work for each major stylistic period. The course also includes a segment on hymnology.

CM 401 - Spoken Communication (3) - Study and practice of the organization and delivery of prepared material in the conversational style of extemporaneous speaking.

PH 401 - Essentials of Philosophy (3) - A survey of the field of philosophy: its vocabulary, aims, and purposes; the great systems of speculative thought; and the leading thinkers.

PH 402 - Christian Ethics and Social Issues (3) - A survey of the main approaches to ethics; issues in personal ethics, such as moral responsibility, decision making, honesty, and conscience; and topics in special ethics such as war, abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, Critical Race Theory, LGBTQ issues, social justice, and church-state relations.