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The college designates a period during each fall and spring semester for registration for the following semester. These periods provide opportunities for students to meet with a faculty adviser to catch up with each other, update the student’s academic plans, and pray together.  All students will be notified by e-mail regarding the registration information (i.e., class schedules, instructions, and any other reminders). The dates for the registration periods will be made available each year on the college calendar.

Registration cannot be completed until financial obligations have been resolved with the student finance office. Students must have their tuition bill paid in full to register for the following semester.


During each registration period students can meet with a staff member for academic advising. Academic and other advising is also available from the Dean.  Although the college attempts to provide adequate academic advising, final responsibility for meeting all program, residence, and graduation requirements, including conformity with all assigned deadlines, rests with the student.

Continuing Registration

Each student is expected to register for each successive semester until graduation (See the current semester registration form below). To maintain active student status, a student who does not register for credits during any regular semester must register for Continuing Registration. This may be viewed as a non-credit course which is required whenever there would otherwise be an interruption in the student’s program. Students may register for Continuing Registration for no more than two successive semesters.

The fee for Continuing Registration is $25. A student who fails to register for either course credits or Continuing Registration during any semester regularly scheduled for his program may be dropped from the program and may have to re-apply for admission prior to any subsequent registration.

Adding and Withdrawing

Due to the compressed four-week course schedule, a class cannot be added after the course has begun.  Classes can be dropped with a grade of W only after the first week.  After that, a grade of WF will be assessed.

Cancellation of Classes

CBC reserves the right to cancel any course during a given semester due to insufficient enrollment, or at discretion of the Dean.  Should unforeseen cancellations occur, the Dean will work to ensure that a student’s matriculation date is not adversely affected.

Application for Graduation 

Students anticipating graduation in May must complete an Application for Graduation form available from the Administration Office.  This form must be submitted during January of the respective spring semester.

Current Semester Registration Form

CBC Fall 2023 Registration Form