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In understanding the profound responsibility that Christ Bible College has to the church of Jesus Christ, CBC students are expected to model Christlike conduct, biblical conviction, and passionate service. The college will not directly monitor the private actions of its students, but through mentoring and mutual ministry, students will be encouraged and challenged in these areas.

Christ Bible College reserves the right to discipline or dismiss any student who does not conform to the college’s principles, policies, procedures or expected godly behavior. By virtue of his/her enrollment, a student agrees to live within the framework of these standards and principles.

Fundamentally, students are expected to understand and joyfully accept their accountability before God and man. CBC will strive to have an atmosphere where God, through Jesus Christ our Lord, is exalted in the public and private activities of all faculty members, administrators, employees, and students.

In this spirit, Christ Bible College requires conformity to the following:

Code of Conduct

  1. Christian Service: Each college student is expected to be faithful, committed, and involved in the ministry of a local church.
  2. Christian Conduct: Each student enrolled in the college must:
  • Demonstrate Christ-like character that is above reproach, maintaining a godly pattern of behavior in all areas and relationships of his life (e.g., home, church, school, employment, hobbies, etc.). Such conduct includes an avoidance of deceit (e.g., lying, plagiarism, cheating, etc.), failure to meet financial obligations, patterns of irresponsibility (e.g., family, employment, education, ministry, etc.), immorality, and self-indulgent behavior (e.g., drunkenness, addiction to narcotic and/or prescription medicine, etc.).
  • Manifest a growing spiritual maturity, including concern for others in matters of Christian liberty, and an eagerness to benefit from the wisdom and counsel of other more mature believers (e.g., CBC faculty, local church leadership, etc.).
  • Each student enrolled in the college must demonstrate sensibility and maturity in manners and personal appearance. CBC reserves the right to reprimand or dismiss any student who does not adhere to the Code of Conduct or any other college policies. By virtue of his acceptance for enrollment, a student agrees to abide by these standards.


Students are to adhere to standards of neatness, cleanliness, and modesty.